Nelson Mandela – July 18th, 1918


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Because every now and then, a person comes along and reminds us all of our best possible potential.  Our deepest Humanity.  Our deepest Courage.  The depths of what we can accomplish when we persevere and do not EVER give up.  We are all a bit greater because Nelson Mandela lived – a bit more human because his humanity reached so wide and so far and so bright.  I know that when I look up into the night sky I will see his spirit continue to shine down, to beckon us to never stop fighting for those who are oppressed, for those who have no voice, for those who need the courageous to rise up and stand beside them, to raise our voices, create our art, unlock the doors that belong to the privileged and spread them wide and open for all to enter.

Nelson Mandela’s spirit was, and will remain, a beautiful music coursing through the universe  – whispering into our hearts, our souls, our tender ears, to listen, to see! not the horrors, but the potential; to see not what is wrong, but what can be right; to see what we might do if we can learn to recognize one another as self.  Ubuntu.  “I am here because of you.”   Let this be our motto, let this be our religion, let this be our love story – to one another.  Let us, as a collected people, rise into the future of what humanity might become, and never never stop moving toward that…despite our own private prison cells that attempt to dismantle.

Thank you Mr. Mandela for your voice, for your love, for your unfaltering commitment to people of this world.  Thank you for living.  Thank you for seeing.  Thank you for being.  Rest in the sweetest peace.  Your spirit flies! and will never be forgotten.


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