smaller peaces


NELA poster

Check out this TED-x talk by Brian Mallman, a local hero here in Northeast Los Angeles, Highland Park, the man behind NELA (Northeast Los Angeles Artwalk), and the man who continues to reach for the dangling lightstring of hope and change as he invokes the spirit of becoming and creating the change we want to see in the world.  He urges himself, and others, to create this change on the local level, one person, one act, one moment, at a time:) Yes, one could call it Wishful Thinking, one could even call it Hopeless – but that is simply a matter of personal choice.  Every moment, of every day, within every encounter that we have with the world, with individuals, with decisions made and acted upon, with ideas spread, with words chosen…we impact the world around us, along with impacting ourselves.  Every day, every moment – we have a choice. I like Brian’s choosing with his Smaller Peaces movement…watch, listen, and choose.  The world is waiting for us!

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