(Disclaimer: I am not entirely comfortable writing anything “political” – it is outside my comfort zone, and in this way – I fear I’ve been trained well.  I am “stepping out” in a way that some might find…old news, or un-necessary, or even un-American…that is their right…as it is my “right” to speak out…rather, I believe, my “duty” as a Citizen of a nation that calls itself “the Land of the Free.”   This subject matter has everything to do with where we find ourselves, as a society, today…hence, I feel it remains entirely relevant now, and for our future)

footHere’s the deal – We Americans are born into certain “inalienable” rights. Right?  We studied the United States Constitution in Middle School, we learned about it on School House Rock (if you are of a certain age) and we are, as citizens of this country, protected by this umbrella in our everyday, daily lives.  Yes?

Or are we?

It is not news to state that our freedoms have come under attack as of late – especially if you are something other than a wealthy white male in our society.  Much of the “stripping away” of personal freedoms seem to have taken root after the attack of 9/11…in particular, the switch to a greater Police State, a seemingly good and necessary evil, in light of the horrors of that event.  It was a deeply tragic day, for all Americans…indeed, for many around the world.

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But, there is a problem with the climate that was created after the events of 9/11 that continue to persist today: the ON-GOING erosion of our personal freedoms.  And they appear to erode unabated, and un-debated (Hello Supreme Court!).  The personal freedoms of women, the personal freedoms of black men, the personal freedoms of poor people…all seemingly under attack.  (On the flip side, the personal freedoms of Gun Ownership grow stronger and stronger…hmmmm)

Mis-information is a powerful tool.  Orwell wrote about this subject matter with great insight and fervor, and I would hope that we could leave this “spread of mis-information” to fiction, as a reminder of the dangers of absolute power, absolutely!  I am a citizen of this country.  I have no connections to anyone in government or in power :) so what I’m about to write about stems from the insights I have read, and listened to, by individuals who DO have insight and connections to those in power, and in our government (and who at one time, were a part of these forces themselves).


Enter AE911Truth.  It has recently come to my attention that there is a growing collective in the minds and communities of our Scientists and our Architects, as well as individuals who once worked for the CIA and NSA, who question the validity of the reports that were written concerning the events that unfolded on 9/11.  Check out to watch compelling interviews with individuals that were highly ranked in the NSA and CIA as they join with AE911Truth to urge for a re-examination of what transpired that day ( in particular, in regards to the 3 towers, and the manner in which they collapsed).

*(An aside from Wikipedia): Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality,[1] or fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal.[1]The commonly understood opposite of truth is falsehood, which, correspondingly, can also take on a logical, factual, or ethical meaning. The concept of truth is discussed and debated in several contexts including   philosophy and religion. Many human activities depend upon the concept, where its nature as a concept is assumed rather than being a subject of discussion; these include most (but not all) of the scienceslaw, and everyday life.)  *See how LAW is included in the relevance of Truth?…)


IF mis-information has purposely been passed down from our government, we the people have every right to insist that those who knowingly spread the mis-information be held accountable.  Why?  Two words: Police State.  The “police state” that grows around us, in our communities (check out images of police driving around our cities with left-over war machines, here in the NY Times) seems to be “tolerated” BY US, large in part due to the events that happened on 9/11.  Suddenly, the world was a dangerous place and we needed stronger defense systems to protect us.  Okay, that makes sense.  Stronger security at the airport?  Sure, good idea.  Stronger security at government buildings?  Absolutely.  Wire-tapping? Hmmmm…New unrestrained Police State?  WTF!

When did “shoot first, ask questions later” become good policy for Police?  Or, “shoot to kill” – when did that become the new way of “stopping” a suspect?  Or, 6 bullets into an un-armed young man, 2 of which were put into his HEAD, when did that become anything other than an Execution?  Apparently, this is all okay in this new Police State in which we reside.  This post-9/11 climate has become the perfect breeding grounds for intolerance, fear, suspicion…and a brand new use of Extreme Force.  And IF this has, in any way, been born out of purposely spread mis-information, by OUR GOVERNMENT…the depths to which this is wrong, is simply inexpressible.

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Our new Police State policy has NOT led us to feel we are “safer,” but rather the opposite – our communities feel LESS safe, and entirely MORE DANGEROUS.   In the beginning of the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, we are reminded: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

What our fore-fathers were saying is this: If our governing body is destroying our personal freedoms, and rights, it is our job to put them out, and start again.  Yeah, I know – we do that, don’t we?   By holding elections every 2 and every 4 years, right?  Ha.  Not when the richest white men in America can simply purchase any office which now seem to be readily, and deeply, For Sale (Hello again Supreme Court!)!

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Life has certainly not gotten easier in the last decade, for the majority of people at least.  It has for some, the top 1% are laughing all the way to their Swiss bank accounts.  “Corporate greed” is redundant, and “un-necessary use of force” is swiftly becoming redundant also, if you are an officer of the law.  My point to all of this is this: If we have given away our rights, under the auspices of false information, large in part handed down, through the fists and mouths of our governing body – than we the people, should put into place, a NEW GOVERNMENT – one that puts Safety and Happiness, FOR ALL, at the front of its foundation. Yeah, I know…wishful thinking, right?

As long as we keep it so.

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