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Congratulations to my friend, and poet, Kimberly Burwick,  on her beautiful new poetry collection titled Good Night Brother, published by, and available for purchase at, Burnside Review Press.  Here is one of my favorites:

What Began in Nineteen Sixty-Nine

Glory all the way to the trees, white lilacs                                                                                       on cut grass, then nothing but the setting                                                                                       flatness of short grains upon drifts of weeds.                                                                                 I waste what stillness turns the decaying                                                                                         robins bright, knowing you might live                                                                                               longer than I wish, beyond the deaf                                                                                                 green paradise of home, longer than                                                                                               the hanging lemons large enough                                                                                                   to tremble and sway.  I’ve come to                                                                                                   believe you can’t touch me, only the sun                                                                                         letting go of terribly red ditches.

Check out Kimberly’s previous collections:

Has No Kinsmen (Red Hen Press, 2006) and

Horses in the Cathedral (Anhinga Press, 2011) – winner of the Robert Dana Prize.


Support our beloved poets!  The world is much richer because of their gifts. Click on above links to purchase Burwicks’ previously published works.  So glad Kimberly continues to send her beautiful spirit, and beautiful words, out into the world.

3 thoughts on “a work of art…”

  1. I read your post and the poem first on my mobile, where the line pattern of the poem is different in an interesting way. because of the line length breaks, the white gutter space runs through the center diagonally from left to right, instead of right to left, as it appears above. it’s still an intriguing pattern.

    i love the line phrases:
    “…the hanging lemons large…” and “…the terribly red ditches…”

    totally visceral.

    thanks for sharing this. and congratulates to Kimberly Burwick!


    1. You are like a burst of light in the void:) Thank you ever so much for reading my work, for always supporting me…sometimes I feel the slip of discouragement enter my skin…and then there you are:) Hope you had the best Thanksgiving ever! xxoxoxox

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