(some) of my Best Books of 2014

There are SO many amazing books out there, by SO many amazing writers…I read voraciously, and yet, there aren’t hours enough in the day to read all the books and writers that I wish I could find time for.  Everyday I thank the graces that be for the gifts these people bring to me, to us – their stories, their words, the beauty of their language – as elegant and vibrant and smacking of punch and vile and wonder and all that we humans need: to see, to feel, to laugh, to remember, to not forget, to explore, to investigate, to dream…

…So I send out my heartfelt gratitude for all the writers out there who have given me reason to press on with my own writing…and to stay up WAY too late, countless nights, as I say…”just one more page!”  For allowing me windows into what it means to be human – to live, to flail, to feel joy and sorrow and hope and despair – to laugh and marvel and remember and feel blisteringly inspired.  To all of you – I offer my ever enduring thanks.

photomy list, from top to bottom (in no particular order):  1) When Women Were Birds – Terry Tempest Williams   2)  Ways of Seeing – John Berger   3) Cloudsplitter – Russell Banks   4) Farm City – Novella Carpenter   5) The Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert   6) Abundance  – Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler   6)  Wind From An Enemy Sky – D’Arcy McNikle                   7)  Insatiable Curiousity (Innovation in a Fragile Future)  – Helga Nowotny    8)  A Thousand Mornings  – Mary Oliver     9)  A Field Guide to Getting Lost  – Rebecca Solnit   10) Island of the Blue Dolphins  – Scott O’Dell   11)  Selected Poems  –  e.e. cummings   12) The Well and the Mine  –  Gin Phillips



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