Sick Day…..

Feeling restless…feeling like shit…feeling the pull of a sharp twisted rope around my neck, around my spirit – in this wasteland of a Presidency, this wasteland of a Cabinet, this wasteland of sick and twisted demons that call themselves human.  How is one “human”  while stripping hundreds of thousands…if not millions, of people’s medical insurance?  How is one Human while they rape and pillage and disrespect our beautiful planet Earth…all for the love of greed, and power, and their despicable vulgarity toward Truth?   There is no time for silence any longer – we must resist the desire to crawl into a hole and “wait this shit out!”…because it won’t work.  We must be willing to put ourselves on the challenge what we see, to challenge what we hear, what we bear witness to…now, and for  perhaps – years to come.

Spring in the foothills after last years fires
Spring in the foothills after last years fires

I myself have been complacent.  I have allowed “America” to be my key, to be my solace, to be my freedom, to be my protection, to be my right, to be my privilege!  And for as long as I’ve been alive – 50 years! – I was able to hide  behind America’s Flag and understand that I was FREE…along with the vast majority of my fellow Americans.

NO MORE!  This attitude of take without give must swiftly move far far far from the likes of me!  It is time to Mother-Fucking-HUSTLE for my Beautiful Amazing Selfless Abundant EARTH.  It is time for me to Mother-Fucking-Hustle… not for me, but for the generations upon generations upon generations to come!  So our future generations of children may look upon a sunset that ripples with unbound beauty…so that our brilliant wondrous Forests may continue to spill across the landscape, and young ears will hear the song of wind in leaves, the music of bird on limbs, and feel firsthand the healing power of simply residing in Earth’s magnificence.

The next four years are going to happen, whether I…or anyone else, likes it or not.  But this MUST NOT make us slink into the shadows – it must propel us to do the exact opposite!  We must disrupt ourselves, step outside our comfort zones and do whatever we can to protect Mother Earth, to protect our fellow humans, to protect the most important idea known to HUMAN KIND, and that is to protect the rights of ALL LIVING THINGS…Human, Animal, Air, Water, Woods, Moss…Rights !!!…for all living things.

 But lest we forget – we can have all the Rights on Planet Earth…all the rights we want –  but they will mean nothing if we do not have our Dear Mother Earth to provide for us all.

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