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September 12, 2013

So of course, I’m a collection of people like we all are.  IMG_0615 …I’m a wife:IMG_0584…I’m a mother :

2013-07-13 14.38.24… I’m a dog owner…product shots 062…and I’m a writer…

and lots of other Role playing parts that comprise                                                            this body, this person, that I call me.

I graduated from Antioch University Los Angeles with my MFA in Creative Writing (dual focus, Fiction and Poetry) just days before giving birth to my first child.  I had also just finished writing my first novel (the 1st draft) and one of my cohorts told me that “re-writing a novel was the perfect thing to do with a newborn!”  I was rightfully thrilled and excited – not only was I given this gift of becoming a mother, but soon I’d also be sending my Kick-Ass novel out into the world!  (note to self: and to all: This woman never had any children…ever!)…(Best to take advice about children and writing, from a writer with children! ).  Needless to say, my son is now 9 years old and I am just about ready to send my novel, The Burden of Light, out into the world.  A year or so back, I sent it out to Hector Tobar, a dynamite writer here in Los Angeles, and he was generous enough, and kind enough, to not only read it, but to give me notes and encourage me to continue.  He also told me that it took him 10 years after completing his first novel, to get it out into the world…and he is a parent! :)  So I guess I say this for myself, and for All Writers out there, to inspire you NOT to give up…

…As Confucius says: It doesn’t matter how slow you go, so long as you never stop.  (many thanks, mighty Confucius man!)

Here are some of the rockin’ teachers/writers that I had the good fortune to study with while at Antioch. I highly recommend you check out their work:

These writers/teachers were instrumental in helping me along my path of discovery, knowledge, experimentation, and growth, and I am forever grateful for the gifts that they so generously gave.

Who are you?  What inspires you?  Who challenges and enlarges your sense of self, and sense of the world?  The more we connect and give/receive with each other, the greater our understanding of this mighty world, its inhabitants, and our self.  So please, drop me a line and let me know :) Happy Writing!

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